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National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS)

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences | The mission of the NIEHS is to discover how the environment affects people in order to promote healthier lives

CDC | National Center for Environmental Health

CDC’s National Center for Environmental Health (NCEH) plans, directs, and coordinates a program to protect the American people from environmental hazards. We promote a healthy environment and prevent premature death, avoidable illness and disability caused by non-infectious, non-occupational environmental and related factors.

National Environmental Engineering Research Institute

The Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) strives to provide scientific , industrial research & development that maximizes the economic & environmental

Home | Department of Environmental Affairs

DEA releases SA’s Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report for public comment. This report documents South Africa’s submission of its national greenhouse gas inventory for the year 2015 and reports on the GHG trends for the period 2000 to 2015 in accordance with the guidelines provided by the UNFCCC.

National Environment Management Authority

The National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) is a semi-autonomous institution, established in May, 1995, under the National Environment Act, Cap. 153, and became operational in December, 1995, as the principal agency in Uganda, charged with the responsibility of coordinating, monitoring, regulating and supervising environmental management in the country.

National Religious Partnership for the Environment - Home

Caring for God's Creation is an inherent part of religious life. From mountaintops to forests, green pastures to still waters, stars in the sky to lilies of the field, we experience the gift of Creation.

National Environmental Health Association: NEHA

NEHA 2019 Annual Educational Conference & Exhibition. Discover how the local voices of agencies, industries, and levels of government provide unique perspectives and how they fit into the universal language of environmental health...

Home - Department of the Environment and Energy ...

The Department designs and implements the Australian Government’s policies and programmes to protect and conserve the environment, water and heritage and promote climate action

The National Environment Agency

Environment-related information such as weather, air quality (1-hr PM2.5 readings), dengue, hawker centres, recycling and others in Singapore.

Environmental protection - Wikipedia

Environmental protection is practiced for protecting the natural environment on individual, organization controlled by governmental levels, for the benefit of both the environment and humans. Due to the pressures of overconsumption, population and technology, the biophysical environment is being degraded, sometimes permanently. This has been recognized, and governments have begun placing ...

NOAA National Environmental Satellite, Data, and ...

Here at the National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service (NESDIS) we provide secure and timely access to global environmental data and information from satellites and other sources to promote and protect the Nation's security, environment, economy, and quality of life.


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Environmental science - Wikipedia

Environmental science is an interdisciplinary academic field that integrates physical, biological and information sciences (including ecology, biology, physics, chemistry, plant science, zoology, mineralogy, oceanography, limnology, soil science, geology and physical geography (), and atmospheric science) to the study of the environment, and the solution of environmental problems.

NEPA | National Environmental Policy Act

The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) was enacted to: declare a national policy which will encourage productive and enjoyable harmony between man and his environment; to promote efforts which will prevent or eliminate damage to the environment and biosphere and stimulate the health and welfare of man; to enrich the understanding of the ecological systems and natural resources important ...

NESHTA | National Environmental Safety and Health …

NESHTA is a non-profit professional and educational society for educators and trainers specializing in environmental, safety, occupational health, emergency response and other technical education fields. Founded in 1977 as the National Environmental Training Association, Inc. (NETA) with support and assistance from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, NESHTA now is an international ...

Environmental Science Division (EVS) of Argonne National ...

EVS conducts research on environmental systems to understand how system components could change as a result of energy activities, nationally important emerging technologies, and major new federal policies and programs.

Environment : NPR

Breaking news on the environment, climate change, pollution, and endangered species. Also featuring Climate Connections, a special series on climate change co-produced by NPR and National Geographic.

Environment - National Geographic

Read National Geographic's latest stories about the environment.

NERC - Home

The Natural Environment Research Council, the UK's leading public funder of environmental science.

National Service Center for Environmental Publications ...

New Titles. The New Title list is a selection of newly received Agency documents available to order or, in some instances, to view online. Browse the New Titles List

ANU Fenner School of Environment & Society

Bachelor degrees & honours Our programs combine environmental science, policy and social sciences to provide you with diverse perspectives on environmental issues.

National Geographic Society | National Geographic Society

The National Geographic Society is a global nonprofit organization committed to exploring and protecting our planet.

National Centers for Environmental Prediction

Welcome to the National Weather Service's National Centers For Environmental Prediction's Environmental Modeling Center. The Environmental Modeling Center is responsible for the enhancements, transitions-to-operations, and maintenance of more than 20 numerical prediction systems comprising NCEP's operational production suite.

National Geographic Freshwater 101: Food

Learn about freshwater and food at National Geographic. Food is also a means by which water is moved, or imported and exported, around the world.

National Geographic Freshwater 101: Food

Learn about freshwater and food at National Geographic. Food is also a means by which water is moved, or imported and exported, around the world.

Environmental Education (EE) | US EPA

Environmental education increases public awareness and knowledge about environmental issues or problems. In doing so, it provides the public with the necessary skills to make informed decisions and take responsible action.

India Environment Portal | News, reports, documents, blogs ...

Environment News, Reports, Government Documents, Court Cases, Policy Papers, Data, Statistics, presentations, reviews, Press releases, Opinions and Analysis & more ...